A holistic nutritional therapy approach

Healthy, natural and tailored to you.

We use food, genetics and your current symptoms to help you get your health back.

You want to be proactive and solve your symptoms before they become a diagnosis. That’s why were here. We deep dive as to who you are, genes and all, down to a cellular level. We use the power of food, nature, and your genetic makeup to give your body what it was crying for.


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Roots at Heart Nutrition is an online-based practice located in Bend, Oregon; a team with a nutritionist and a chef combined.

Nutritional therapy addresses the foundations by which our bodies were designed to run on. We take a bio-individual approach, since our bodies are always changing. We strive to digging deep into who you are as a person and taking your needs, symptoms, concerns and circumstances into consideration.

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What We Do

Nutrition Consultations

In this 1-hour session with the nutritionist, we'll deep dive into the foundations of nutrition. We will talk about nutrition, food, diet, digestion, hydration, minerals, sugar, and more.

Healthy Cooking Classes

Hop on a private 1-hour virtual consultation with the Chef and the Nutritionist for tips and tricks to make cooking in the kitchen an easier, and healthier task to tackle.

Root Cause Consultations

Complicated symptoms? Need a deeper personalized approach? We offer additional testing: labs, genetic testing, symptom related graphs to get to the root of your symptoms.

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why people love us


"If I could talk to someone about my experience I would only be saying positive things because it has helped me in such good ways as with my health and well-being. Especially with younger people, I’d like to consider this as a good idea for them to want and to give it a try."


"Mayra has been an amazing nutritionist. She explains step by step can help you better your diet and listens to any questions you have and explains them thoroughly. Love how caring and compassionate she is towards her clients and loves what she does."


"I loved her white board demonstration of how LDL, HDL, and arteries work, and more importantly, WHY LDL is labeled the "bad" cholesterol and HDL is labeled the good. She used simple terms that I could relate to... This is the first time I really understand how cholesterol works in my body. Thank you Mayra!"


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