Introducing our exclusive New Client Package – the perfect gateway to a healthier you. With years of expertise in healthcare and a profound understanding of holistic health, we’ve crafted a comprehensive service tailored to kickstart your journey towards optimal wellness. Here’s what our package entails:

  1. Mailed-out sample collection for a bioresonance scan, allowing us to analyze your unique health profile. This also includes a food sensitivity scan.
  2. A virtual one-hour consultation, where we delve into the insights from your scan and map out your personalized wellness roadmap.
  3. Provision of all necessary supplements to support you in your first month of transformation.


Schedule Your Follow-Up Appointment Today!

Welcome back, valued client! It’s time to continue your journey towards optimal health and well-being with a follow-up appointment. Whether you’re seeking to track progress, fine-tune your plan, or address new health concerns, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

 Book your appointment now to stay on track and keep moving towards your health goals.


Additional Testing Services

Get your own Continuous Glucose Monitor for 14 days. This helps you see in real time how your diet and lifestyle impact one of the nutritional foundations: blood sugar balance. Made possible by Theia! Shipped to your door.

USA only

The 3X4 blueprint gives you access to your unique genetic map! This helps reveal the decisions that have the biggest impact on your health and weight goals with a simple cotton swab. Report will come with an instructional video by the holistic nutritionist.

USA only

Bloodwork + GI-MAP

Click here to purchase either the GI-MAP or the comprehensive wellness panels. 

USA only, except NY, NJ, RI


Professional Chef Services

Need some cooking skills under your belt?

We have a few surprises coming soon!

  • Group cooking classes
  • Private, in-home cooking classes and meal preparation
  • Small special event catering

Email us if you’re interested in our professional chef services! Click on the button below to tell us about your chef needs!


Self-Paced Nutrition Program

It is meant for those that are tech savvy but have schedules that make it hard to see a practitioner during working hours, but are eager to make nutritional changes to help improve overall health. 

 A 30-min. virtual visit with the holistic nutritionist is included. Preferably after you have finished half or more of the course.

This is the content included (only available in English):

eLearning With Roots at Heart

You will have in your fingertips practical information with common health struggles and what you can do to support your foundational health using nutrition and lifestyle changes. Along with this purchase you will have access to a few more handouts to help you on your health journey. This is a new project, and we will be adding more as time goes on!  COMING SOON! 

Alternative paying options

Roots at Heart Nutrition supports a mission to provide approachable, quality nutritional services for clients from all walks of life.

To accomplish this, we offer income-based scholarships to qualifying clients. Inquire for details.

Monthly Live Zoom Webinars

**Topics for 2023 on HOLD FOR NOW**

Every 1st Saturday of the month (5pm PST) log in to video chat with me and other invited guests to talk about different nutritional and cardiovascular topics. These zoom calls are FREE and appreciate any donation.

Wondering how to get started?

Contact us!

Hop on a call or email me about your goals and concerns to see which of our programs and services will be beneficial for you. From that point on, we can schedule an appointment!

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