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The Roots at Heart Program

4-Month Program $2000

You want to get to the root of your health problem. This takes both work and time, and a good coach. This is where we come in! This program puts it all together for you: one on one, with lots of coaching and support.

This 4-Month program includes:

  • Initial New Client visit (1 Hour, or more if needed)
  • Three (3) follow up 45 min appointments
  • Unlimited email and chat support for the duration of program
  • Online program-with a growing number of modules, teaching videos- lifetime access
  • Functional bloodwork (22+ panels) valued at over $1500 (if paid out-of-pocket)
  • 3×4 Genetics test, lifetime beneficial use-$299 value
  • Professional-Grade Supplements needed in the 4 months shipped to your door, up to $500 value

All visits are held remotely online- unless you prefer in-person.

Nutrition Consultations

Pay-as-you-go option

In this hour together, we can talk about nutrition, diet, digestion, hydration, or any other goals you have. 

This appointment can help answer some questions that you have had and analyze what your eating and drinking habits are. This consultation can include a robust questionnaire about your eating habits and overall symptoms. 

Let’s work together to improve your health, one bite at a time!

30 minute follow-ups for established clients- $90


Healthy Cooking Classes

Need some cooking skills under your belt?

Lets be real, its not only about knowing what foods are the best, but knowing how to cook them! Spend an hour with us both– ask us anything! 

We can also deep dive into the foundations of nutrition and cooking with this session. In an hour, we will talk about nutrition, food quality, cooking techniques, meal prep ideas, but most importantly: knowing what works best for you and your loved ones! 

Email us if you’re interested in our professional chef services!

eLearning With Roots at Heart

You will have in your fingertips practical information with common health struggles and what you can do to support your foundational health using nutrition and lifestyle changes. Along with this purchase you will have access to a few more handouts to help you on your health journey. This is a new project, and we will be adding more as time goes on!  COMING SOON! 

Self-Guided Online Course


This self-paced online course is packed with various topics and handouts! It is meant for those which a rushed schedule and need to take things in between their busy life. Here is the list of the type of content included:

Alternative paying options

Roots at Heart Nutrition supports a mission to provide approachable, quality nutritional services for clients from all walks of life.

To accomplish this, we offer income-based scholarships to qualifying clients. Inquire for details.

Monthly Live Zoom Webinars

**Topics for 2023 on HOLD FOR NOW**

Every 1st Saturday of the month (5pm PST) log in to video chat with me and other invited guests to talk about different nutritional and cardiovascular topics. These zoom calls are FREE and appreciate any donation.

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