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Roots at Heart Nutrition is an online-based practice located in Bend, Oregon.

A team with a nutritionist and a chef: Oscar and Mayra. We unified our expertise and eventually fell in love! We hope to help those with the desire to learn more about their health and make delicious food! We believe that health is deeply rooted in nature and with our Creator in mind.

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Supporting health using food, lifestyle and ancestral wisdom with eternity in mind.


Mayra Molina Santana

Hi, I’m Mayra! In the past, I worked in the medical field for over 10 years, 4 of which have been dedicated to cardiology. As a medical assistant, I saw patients that weren’t willing to change their way of life (a way of life that has taken them to this point in their bad health), their focus was just to take a pill, or get the testing required. Where I saw results, was when patients made a change in their lifestyle, their way of eating… thats what marked a difference. That fired in me the desire to study nutrition from a more natural approach, the approach of our ancestral heritage.

I am a traveler by heart, coffee-reishi drinker, dancer, health and research nut, hiker, adventure-seeker, procrastinator, people-person, but a big time “squirrel-disctracted” gal! Traveling has given me the opportunity to see what people around the world do to find happiness, live a satisfying life and enjoy the present moment. I am an extrovert with a special compassion to those suffering physically, spiritually and emotionally. Happily blessed to have the support of my husband, Oscar (He’s the chef mastermind here in Roots at Heart).

Everything I am, everything I do, is thanks to Jehovah God.


Oscar Molina

I’m Oscar! Nantzi jarasïki! Nantzi jarasïki means “how are you?” in my native language, Purépecha. I have been cooking for more than 18 years, experimenting and learning at the same time. My passion has been cooking a meal and seeing the face of delight in the person eating the meal. I believe that food should be of the highest quality and have the best nutrients possible, but making it a delight as soon as you smell, taste and see it! That’s where I come in. I admit that cooking is not easy, it takes time, it can get expensive, but there’s ways to change that. I’m here with all the tips and tricks.

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