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Nutritional therapy is based on the on the idea that health can be achieved through a holistic + bioindividual approach to nutrition + lifestyle. Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTPs) take a foundational, holistic approach to wellness by supporting the foundations of health: a properly-prepared + nutrient-dense whole foods diet, optimal digestion, blood sugar regulation, hydration, minerals, healthy fats, sleep, movement and stress.

No. As an NTP, we work with the body as a whole. I like to specialize in cardiovascular issues because the heart has always been a wonderful and mysterious organ for me. There are many people that battle with issues with the cardiovascular system, but those are consecuenses of poor nutrition. I like to work with anyone who is willing to make a change for their entire body, incluiding their heart.

Many other NTPs specialize in different areas, so be sure to check out for other practitioners in your area.

Unfortunately, no. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) and HSAs (Health Savings Accounts). Payment is required before any forms and appointments are scheduled.

If you are interested in alternatives to health insurance, we highly recommend you talk to Cain at– He’s knowledgeable in all things health insurance related and alternative options such as medical cost sharing! Just tell him that we recommended you!

Unfortunately, no. We do not provide CPT coder or diagnosis codes that are required to generate a superbill because we do not diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. 

Diets come and go, have lots of rules, and they are quickly replaced by the latest fad. We dont want to chase those kinds of diets. We will focus on what has worked for our ancestors, our grandparents, all of that ancestral wisdom that we have lost throught the years. We want to bring our natural food intuition back, and learn to listen to our bodies. Every single individual is different and we even change as we age or have different circumstances in our lives. Many research articles have been analized as well to ensure that its also backed up by sience.

The initial intake forms include a series of questions that are filled out online. The Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) is a comprehensive questionnaire that provides a whole body snapshot of where we can help bring balance. 

For genetic testing, we love to use 3X4 Genetics.

 Any laboratory work that you have done within the last year would be extremely helpful, and if you haven’t had functional bloodwork done, we can get that for you!

Start with filling out the discovery email form. I want to make sure that this is going to be a good investment for you and that we will be able to work on your goals together. After that, from this point forward we start designing your personalized nutritional journey.

We highly encourage you to work with your PCP or general cardiologist along with nutrition therapy to help you achieve your goals. Any medication changes/decisions should be consulted with your provider.

We want to make eating a delight.  At the beginning of the program we track what you eat, how you feel, what you drink, bowel movements and exercise. We also track symptoms through a questionnaire. Every few weeks we check in and do another round of questionnaires and journals to see where we need to improve and what our progress is!

Ultimately, we can also repeat bloodwork to keep track of improvements.

It can, if your evaluation recommends them. However, you don’t have to take supplements if you don’t want to. We can fully focus on food and herbs. Many do benefit from a short-term supplement support while they are getting used to obtaining their nutrients from whole foods and changing their way of eating. Before starting any supplement, its best to check in with your primary care physician or cardiologist. I try to do my best to recommend getting our nutrients from our whole food form.

Roots at Heart Nutrition supports a mission to provide approachable, quality nutritional services for clients from all walks of life.To accomplish this, we offer payment plans. If payment plans are out of reach financially, reach out to us by email or using the discovery form and let us know. 

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